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Strategy Two, LLC is a woman owned business that was founded on the principles of wanting to give small businesses an opportunity to leverage the same types of talent, organizational development, and process that larger firms have while helping them prosper and provide an competitive advantage within their own space.  “Today, our niche is bringing HR capabilities on an outsourced basis to all companies so they “get what they need, when they need it” without the “package rate deals” offered by large payroll companies.

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In today’s very challenging economy, companies need to think more strategically than ever
in maintaining their competitive advantage and securing the right resources to meet the needs 
of ever changing markets as well as shifting customer demands. Strategy Two Works for You!

  • Our services encompass every stage of the employment lifecycle including assessment
    of organizational structure for process improvemt and efficiencies. 
  • We provide a cost-effective solution to businesses needing a customer focused approach.   
  • Our unique team of HR specialists is the strength that brings clients a wealth of knowledge,
    individual attention, best practices and solutions for better business!